Tokens – A short film.

Tokens is part one of our multi-part film series in which the same actors will inhabit different roles as we look at the power dynamics between various relationships. We want to dig into how we actually live amongst each other, how we actually deal with each other. Each film will be able to stand alone, like a short story, but together they will become chapters to one larger narrative—how we live with, and amongst, each other.

Tokens will be filmed in September and released in the late Fall.

The story of Tokens: Two Mirrored Halves — One Single Orbit

Tokens is a story about a father and daughter trying, at long last, to put the past behind them and forge a meaningful relationship going forward. The plan is to meet at the cabin that has been in the family for years, the one place where much of the memories are positive, and spend one night indoors and one night outdoors (they had gone camping together once before, when she was 13, and carved their initials into a tree—it was the best night of their relationship).

They have a lifetime of shared memories, both poisonous and positive, that they’ve carried with them for years. The good memories have faded over time while the bad memories have been more recent, more vivid, and have forced them into a cycle of fighting, fuming, repairing and repeating.

Recognition of their mortality, unspoken between them, is the fuel energizing them to try yet again.  They genuinely want to move on— to avoid making the same mistakes, to stop nursing the same wounds, to break free of the same painful orbit their lives have thus far been set on.

The question we ask is a simple one; can two people who have known each other this long actually reconnect?  Can they change?  Can they put away the hurt they each feel over things from their past? In short—can their relationship evolve?

The film will be structured like an orbit, beginning and ending in the same place as they make a full revolution around each other in the mirrored halves of this story. Think about the orbit of our earth—it comes back to where it started, but it is always changed.  Every revolution around the sun brings a different earth back to roughly the same place.

They go into this weekend wanting everything to change.

It’s exactly what they get.


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