Who We Are

We are Film By Numbers– A film collective committed to telling stories about people in relationships—and the power dynamics that exist between us and those that we love, hate, or simply can’t get away from.

We are embarking on a series of short films that, once completed, will be the chapters of a single feature that will explore the same two actors in five different relationships.

The first of these films, Tokens, is about one of the most complicated relationships there is—that between a father and daughter. The question we’re asking in this film is this; is it possible for a father and daughter to fundamentally change their relationship for the better? Or, are they doomed to repeat the same arguments, to re-experience the same annoyances, to rekindle the same grievances that have burned between them for decades?

In each of the subsequent films, as these same actors play different parts, each short film’s narrative will echo into the next, so by the time the feature is over, these two will have been family, they will have been friends, they will have been lovers and they will have been enemies.

The concept of having the same actors play these different roles was inspired from the reality of our how throughout our own lifetimes we play many different roles—daughter and mother, son and father, friend and enemy. The result we aim for with this film project is by the time the last words are spoken, and the final shot fades to black, the viewer will feel as if they’ve watched the many different lives of the same two people they know, two people they themselves have formed a relationship with.